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Land-Grant Brewing Company

In 2013 I quit my job in Cincinnati and moved to Columbus to co-found the Land-Grant Brewing Company. A year and a half later, after a few false starts, buckets of sweat, a lot of late nights, a tetanus shot, and an insane amount of help and hard work we finally opened the doors on October 17th, 2014. Since then we've grown a lot both physically and strategically and churned out a ton of great beer. I serve as the company's creative director creating pretty much all the can designs, advertisements, social media posts, videos, photographs, labels, trading cards, posters, business cards, signage, illustrations, emails, logos, copy, tap handles, t-shirts, vehicle wraps, and koozies you might see around town. If you find yourself in Columbus, be sure to stop by and say "hello."

Land-Grant was named 2016 Outstanding Ohio Brand by the Ohio Creative Collective.